Air conditioner maintenance should be at the top of your annual spring cleaning checklist. As the weather starts to turn, make a call to Montgomery Industrial Services in Hanover to schedule a tune-up. AC maintenance will pay off throughout the summer and beyond.

Maintenance Boosts Efficiency

If you’re already dreading the thought of summer power bills, then it’s time to set up a maintenance visit. An AC technician can prepare your system for peak efficiency, which may lead to lower electricity bills.

During a tune-up, the tech will clean the various parts of your cooling system, such as the evaporator coils and the filter. Other components we’ll clean include the condenser coils and the drain pan. With the dust and debris cleared away, your air conditioner will have an easier time producing cool air for your home or office. The less power it demands, the more you’ll save on cooling costs!

Cleaning Improves Air Quality

Dirty air conditioners recirculate dust through your house. Breathing dusty air can cause scratchy throats and stuffy noses. Clean air conditioners, on the other hand, are more effective at trapping dust particles, so your indoor air quality will improve. You will especially appreciate the improvement if you’re prone to environmental allergies.

Changing the AC filter during a tune-up is one of the easiest ways to help your cooling system trap more particles. In addition to providing you with a fresh filter, your air conditioner technician may also offer filter tips. For example, you might learn how often to swap your filter and which variety is the best choice for your unit.

AC Inspections Keep the System Running

No one wants to experience a mid-summer AC breakdown! Waiting for repairs on a hot day can be a miserable experience. Fortunately, a maintenance visit gives our AC technicians a chance to look over your cooling system from top to bottom. We’ll run through a checklist to ensure that your air conditioner operates smoothly.

For example, our techs lubricate the bearings and other moving components so that they’ll incur less wear. They clear drain line clogs, run the fan motor and check whether you have enough refrigerant. Our professionals also tighten electrical connections so that the wires won’t come loose. These careful steps could help keep your air conditioner going strong all summer long.

Maintenance Can Save Money

In many cases, our technicians only need to make a few small adjustments to customers’ systems to ensure that they’re in top condition. Other times, though, they spot issues that call for repairs. If a part shows serious wear or isn’t working quite right, they can bring it to the customer’s attention.

We understand that you may not be enthusiastic about the idea of repair work. Think of it this way, though. It’s better to pay a small fee for a small fix than to wait for a major problem to develop. Untreated AC problems can cause expensive parts to break. It’s even possible that your whole system could stop working. Major issues like that can lead to hefty repair bills. You’ll save money by addressing problems while they’re still minor.

Tune-ups Help Your System Last

Most modern air conditioners can keep running for 15 to 20 years. Units that give out before that may not have received proper maintenance. Neglecting annual tune-ups means that you may have to buy a new air conditioner sooner than you’d like.

When you keep up with regular maintenance, the various parts of your system will get the attention they need. Your bearings will receive lubrication, your drain line will stay clear, and your evaporator coils won’t get bogged down with dust. It’s like giving your air conditioner a fresh start each year. Doing so can help keep your system running for as long as possible.

For your annual air conditioner maintenance, count on Montgomery Industrial Services in Hanover. We offer a full range of heating and cooling services for both commercial and residential properties. In fact, we’re the company to call for all of your home care needs. We also specialize in plumbing, electrical work, gas fireplaces and indoor air quality. Plus, our team has been handling industrial projects, such as high-voltage electrical installations, for over three decades.

Contact Montgomery Industrial Services today to schedule a Hanover air conditioner tune-up or another service!

Paul Montgomery


Paul Montgomery is the president of Montgomery's Industrial Services. Paul has been in the business since 1992.
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