Residential plumbing services by Montgomery’s Comfort Centre

  • Looking for local plumbing services?
  • Need new plumbing installed in your home?
  • Looking for an efficient and cost-effective water heater?

Montgomery’s Comfort Centre specialize in domestic plumbing! Ask us for expert help, advice and installation, provided by our in-house team of licensed plumbers.

Plumbing repairs and servicing for your home

Plumbing is something we all take for granted – until it goes wrong! Our team is happy to install lasting solutions to common plumbing problems, from an always-dripping faucet through to a complete replacement of your home plumbing. We also can detect leaks, sort out drainage issues, and advise on how to use less water to help preserve our natural Canadian resources.

Need a professional plumber pronto?

Call us at 1-888-357-4301 to discuss your requirements.

Plumbing for kitchens and bathrooms

Need plumbing for a new kitchen, bathroom or laundry room? Our team offers a no-obligation onsite visit to assess the job and advise you on the best, most cost-effective solutions. Then, we’ll install your plumbing to your exact specifications, for years of trouble-free pipework, drains and hot water supply.

Plumbing for new home builders

Building your own home (or homes)? Our team have the capacity, capability and experience to completely plumb your new house, apartment, condo or cottage from top tank to bottom basement sink. Call us with your requirements, including your designer kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings, and we’ll make it all happen with minimum fuss and mess.

Why choose Montgomery’s Comfort Centre plumbing services

  1. As a trusted Ontario plumbing firm, we’ve decades of experience.
  2. All our plumbers are fully licensed or apprentices.
  3. We are fully insured, and offer extended warranties on most products and installations.
  4. You can talk to us in person! We have two local stores where you can come in and talk through your plans and requirements.
  5. Our prices are competitive, not cheap. There’s no such thing as quality cheap plumbing, only great quality plumbing at the right price.

Affordable, durable water heaters

The water heater in your home works hard to provide a constant, reliable flow of hot water that your family needs, day in, day out. Is yours still doing its job? From traditional high capacity water heaters to the new generation of tankless water heaters, we’ll help you choose the best for your home, your family and your lifestyle.

We’ll install it, test it and service it, all under our optional no-quibble 10-year warranty scheme. What’s more, if you switch to an eco-friendly model, you could qualify for a government or utility company rebate. Ask us for details at 1-888-357-4301.