Any air conditioning system should always be professionally maintained every year, and this is true both for systems that use a standard central AC unit or a heat pump. An annual AC maintenance service is important for improving energy efficiency and reducing electricity costs. Scheduling an annual tune-up should also help to lessen potential repair needs and prevent serious issues that could force you to have your central AC unit or heat pump replaced. To help you understand why scheduling an annual AC maintenance service is such a good idea, here is an overview of what the service includes and why each one is important.

Full AC Inspection

When maintaining an AC system, the technician will perform a complete inspection of all of the system’s components. Having your AC inspected is obviously important for ensuring that the system doesn’t have any major issues or need any repairs. If the technician does find any issues, they can then explain to you exactly what the problem is and what your options are for repairing it. Depending on the specific issue, the technician may be able to repair the problem then and there to ensure your AC continues performing at its peak level.

Having any necessary repairs performed immediately is essential. Many AC issues will eventually lead to other problems, which means you may end up facing a much steeper repair bill if you don’t have the repairs performed promptly. For instance, a malfunction or failing AC blower will reduce how much air flows through the system and cause it to cool far more slowly. This will lead to your AC needing to run for much longer periods and suffering greater wear and tear. Reduced airflow can also cause the AC evaporator coil to freeze, and this can lead to severe damage to the AC compressor in the outdoor unit if you leave the system running when frozen.

The technician will also make sure that none of the system’s wiring is damaged and that none of the electrical connections need tightening. This is important as electrical problems could prevent the system from running and may also create a fire hazard.

Cleaning the Indoor and Outdoor AC Components

The technician will also fully clean all of the components in the outdoor unit as well as the blower and evaporator coil inside your home. Cleaning is also essential for ensuring that the system cools effectively and preventing numerous potential issues. If the evaporator coil isn’t cleaned regularly, it will start to become covered in a thick layer of dust. A dirty evaporator coil can greatly reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioning, and it can also lead to your evaporator coil continually freezing up. The AC blower also needs to be cleaned regularly as dust will reduce how much air the blower can circulate. In turn, this forces the blower to work harder which can result in it overheating and potentially cause the blower motor to burn out.

Cleaning the condenser coil and the rest of the outdoor unit is also important. A dirty condenser coil or lots of debris clogging the unit will prevent the unit from being able to properly disperse all of the heat it absorbed from inside your home. This can decrease how effectively the system cools, but the bigger issue is that it can potentially cause the system to keep shutting off due to overheating. An AC that constantly overheats is a major issue as it can damage the unit’s electrical wiring or the compressor and fan motors. If the unit is clogged, it also puts increased strain on the fan motor and could lead to it burning out.

Calibration and Testing

After fully inspecting and cleaning your AC system, the technician will then turn the system back on and test to make sure everything is working properly. They will use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the air coming out of your vents, which is important for ensuring the system is cooling effectively. They should also test to make sure that your thermostat is properly calibrated and accurately reading the air temperature in the home.

At Montgomery's Industrial Services, we specialize in AC maintenance and our technicians can also assist if you need repairs or AC replacement. If you want to fully ensure your entire HVAC system is properly maintained, you should definitely check out our WeCare Maintenance Plan. Plan members will not only receive an annual furnace and AC maintenance service but also discounts on repairs and diagnostic feeds. For more information on this plan or to schedule an AC maintenance service in the Wingham or Hanover areas, contact us today.

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