Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Services

    Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Services in Wingham, ON

    Plumbing is an essential part of your business and something most business owners take for granted. However, without a clean, compliant, efficient water supply and sanitation system, your business simply will not be able to function, whether you’re a retail store, large manufacturer, or just a small workshop.

    At Montgomery Industrial Services, we can ensure your plumbing is perfect for your requirements now and in the future. Our team of experienced, local plumbers specializes in new plumbing, renovations, and repairs for business premises across Huron and Bruce Counties Ontario.

    We have designed and fitted new plumbing systems for a variety of buildings and business premises, from manufacturing to new build offices and premises renovations.

    As an established HVAC company, we can also call on our in-house team of heating and cooling technicians to help should the issue extend beyond just you’re plumbing.

    Call us for expert commercial plumbers with a ‘can-do’ attitude. (519) 364-2440

    Commercial plumbing services

    Our commercial and industrial plumbing services include:
    • Internal plumbing that meets employee water and sanitation regulations
    • External plumbing including drainage, sewage and water disposal
    • Leak detection inside and outside
    • Pipe and sewer clog and blockage clearance
    • Arrange for pipe CCTV inspections and pipe lining services for ageing pipework
    • Water filtration pumps and water softeners
    • Site-specific custom plumbing for industrial and manufacturing locations
    • Water heater installation and repair for one office or an entire development
    • Plumbing and sanitary wear for employee washrooms and hygiene stations
    • Installation of in-floor heating systems
    • Pipework for irrigation systems and agricultural needs

    Plumbing contractors for all business types

    At Montgomery Industrial Services we have the expertise and experience to offer cost-effective and high quality:
    • Term contract works
    • Small project works
    • Major projects including new home developments
    • Comprehensive service and maintenance plans
    Have specific plumbing you need to be completed?

    Have specific plumbing you need to be completed?

    Call us at (519) 364-2440 with your requirements. Our team will be happy to meet you onsite to examine your current plumbing provision and discuss options for its replacement, renovation, or repair. We also offer other services such as HVAC and Electrical!

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