Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services

    Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services in Wingham, ON

    Your business premises require a stable, reliable power supply. It also requires fully compliant and safe internal electrics to ensure your employees and business processes can work at their best.

    At Montgomery's Industrial Services, we offer a comprehensive range of industrial electrical services.

    Our highly experienced and fully qualified team has the skills and expertise you require to install, maintain, test, troubleshoot, and repair industrial electrical equipment and associated electrical and electronic controls.

    Who we work with

    Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services in Wingham

    We work with a range of large Huron County, Bruce County, and Ontario businesses, including:
    • Automotive manufacturers
    • Industrial plants
    • Municipal buildings and infrastructure
    • Energy utility companies

    We also offer our comprehensive business electrical services to a variety of small and medium local businesses, from custom home builders to office-based services companies.

    To discover how Montgomery's Industrial Services can help your business, just call us to discuss your requirements at (519) 364-2440

    Industrial electricians at your service

    Our industrial electrical services include:
    • New industrial electrical systems including design, supply, installation, and planned maintenance plans.
    • Upgrades and replacement of your current systems and components to ensure safe, efficient operation and maintain current regulations and standards
    • Replacing and repairing electrical wiring, including switch boxes, feeders, pillars, panels, lighting fixtures, and other electrical components
    • Testing and inspecting all your electrical and electronic equipment and components, and ensuring they meet required industry standards and regulations.
    • Maintaining, repairing install and testing your switchgear, transformers, switchboard meters, regulators, and reactors, plus electrical motors, generators, alternators, industrial storage batteries, and hydraulic and pneumatic electrical control systems.

    Planned and scheduled electrical systems maintenance

    We offer planned maintenance and regular servicing options, to resolve small issues before they become major ones! Call us with details of your current systems, and our team will come onsite to examine, assess and quote for affordable, cost-effective maintenance programs.

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    We can also suggest electrical systems improvements, upgrades, and energy-saving solutions as well as provide other services. Call us with your requirement at (519) 364-2440.