If you suffer from allergies, you are not alone. Millions of people must deal with the effects of allergies every year, and those effects can be debilitating for some. The good news is that you have tools that can reduce or even eliminate your symptoms. Your HVAC system is one of those tools. It may not be a medical treatment, but it can change the environment in your home. Here are five ways your HVAC system can help with your allergies.

1. Air Filters Eliminate Allergens

The easiest way to deal with allergies is to remove the allergens from the air. All HVAC systems will include a filter. The filter will remove dust from the air as it passes through the system. You should keep an eye on it and change the filter regularly to make sure it keeps working. Systems vary, but most of them need a new filter at least every three months. If you do not know what your HVAC system needs, consult the manual or the professionals who installed it.

That may not be enough to deal with your allergies. If you need more power, you can install a whole home air purifier. There are a lot of different types, and they all have benefits and drawbacks. You should consult HVAC specialists to make sure you pick one that will meet your needs.

2. Dehumidifiers Prevent Mold Growth

Your HVAC system can also help prevent problems. Mold is a common allergen because it can grow inside homes. Mold is most likely to develop if the air in your home is too humid. It is especially common in bathrooms and other areas that are exposed to water vapor.

You can fight against mold by getting a dehumidifier. A small, portable one can remove the humidity from a small part of your home. If you have mold problems in a larger area, you may want something stronger. You can integrate a whole-home dehumidifier into your HVAC system to protect the entire structure.

3. Humidifiers Suppress Dust

Low humidity can cause as many problems as high humidity. Dry air leeches moisture out of dust and other allergens. Dry particles circulate in the air more easily than wet particles, and that makes them more likely to trigger your allergy symptoms. Dry air can also dehydrate your sinuses, so your symptoms will feel more extreme. A humidifier will solve this problem by raising your home’s humidity to a healthy level.

4. Ventilation Prevents Allergen Buildup

Allergens accumulate in buildings when there is no airflow to carry them outside. This happens in buildings that have poor ventilation systems. If your home does have good ventilation, it will stop allergens from building up and causing problems. Your HVAC system may be able to help. While most central air systems are closed loops, you can install dedicated ventilation systems that improve air intake. You can combine these systems with your exhaust fans to greatly improve airflow.

5. Air Conditioning Keeps Your Windows Shut

While ventilation will often help your allergies, there are exceptions. If you are dealing with outdoor allergens, such as pollen, you want to keep air from the outdoors from entering your home. Unfortunately, pollen levels tend to increase when the weather is warm. You may want to open the windows to cool your home, but that exposes you to more pollen.

Air conditioning offers an easy solution. It will cool your home without introducing extra pollen. That removes the temptation to open the window. If you rely on this tactic, be sure to check your home for air leaks. They will make your air conditioner less efficient and give pollen another path into your residence.

We Will Help With Your Allergies

Your HVAC system can serve as your first line of defense against allergies, and at Montgomery's Industrial Services, we can get it ready for the allergy season. We focus on keeping people healthy and comfortable in Hanover, ON. Our experts install, repair, and maintain a wide variety of HVAC systems, including air cleaners, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers. We even do custom ducting. If you want to upgrade your home, we will examine your current system and develop a plan to make improvements. You just need to describe your goals and relax while we apply solutions that can help you. Call us at [company_name} today to start cleaning the allergens out of your residence.

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