In-floor heating is an efficient, effective way to keep your home warm and cosy through even the toughest of Canadian winters.

Uponor Piping and In-floor Heating

Radiant heating controls the rate at which a body loses heat by turning large surface areas (floor, walls, ceilings) into large, low-temperature radiators. These surfaces surround a person with warmth. Efficient and economical Uponor Radiant Systems keep families like yours warm and comfortable.


  • True comfort
    Imagine your beautiful floors now warm and cozy to the touch.
  • Works everywhere
    In-floor heating systems works under tile, marble, wood, carpet and concrete floors. Radiant walls and radiant ceilings can also create a cozy, efficient environment.
  • Saves money
    Radiant heating can save 20 to 40 percent over the running costs of traditional heating systems.
  • Increases living space
    Lets you live in and enjoy that previously cold basement!
  • Quiet operation
    Underfloor heating eliminates noisy fans, popping ductwork and pinging pipes.
  • Clean and healthy
    No drafts or fans blowing dust, dirt and other allergens into the air.

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