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Installation of new heating systems, or replacement of older units.     Includes furnaces, heat pumps, unit/wall heaters and combo heating systems.  Service and repairs to electric and gas furnaces.

Key Benefits

- On site visit and consultation to ensure best system for your home.  Heat loss/gain calculations performed to size correct unit for your home.
- Lennox has a wide variety of heating systems available for your home, cottage or business.
- We service what we sell.


Install and service Lennox products

New installations entail a heat gain/loss calculation to size new heating units properly to your home.  Existing ductwork will be altered if necessary to allow the new system the air it needs to function properly.  Lennox parts are, in most cases, easily accessible to Montgomery's ensuring prompt repair time.  

Service all makes of heating equipment

Extended Warranty Programs

Montgomery's offers an extended warranty program through Integrated Warranty Systems Inc.  This extended warranty is available in 5 & 10 year plans for new equipment and as an annual plan for used equipment.  This gas furnace warranty coverage would include: gas control valve, blower & components, condensate pump, door switch, electric ignition switch, purge blowers, fan & limit controls, transformer, auto vent damper/motor, power burner motor, thermocouple, flame spreader, flow spreader, relays, roll out switch and pilot burner at a yearly fee.

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